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[Article] Google to pay $100M a year to Canadian news publishers (

Google hits a paywall. On the heels of a deal struck last week between Ottawa and Google, the search behemoth will pay Canadian news publishers $100 million/year for the privilege of hosting their content. Is that a win for Ottawa? Well, on one hand, Canada is now one of the first countries to compel digital platforms to pay...

grte ,

“We’re”? Are we all Google shareholders now?

Rise of B.C. Conservatives puts B.C. United on shaky ground — to the NDP's advantage, experts say (

The Conservative Party of B.C. has made a “splash” in its return to the Legislature, said political scientist Gerald Baier — but whether that will be followed by strong numbers come election time remains to be seen....

grte ,

Yeah, it’s like the reverse of the national situation where there are two competing conservative parties and the NDP to soak up everyone who can’t stand either of them. Except the BC NDP are currently, if I recall correctly, quite a bit more popular than the CPC is nationally so that bodes even worse for our two other, uh, “contenders.”

grte OP ,

Look into the United Conservative Party’s corporate donors if you don’t believe this.

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