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@ernest RTR#32 Voting Bug Report:

Wasn't able to upvote, downvote, or boost anything in my sub feed without getting an error.

  • Opening a new tab fixed the problem.
  • Refreshing the page fixed the problem.
  • Going back to previous pages and then returning did not fix the problem.

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I'm not sure what the issue is, but it doesn't seem to be specific to any thread or page. Just that sometimes, all voting & boosting on a page just doesn't work.

ernest ,
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@ernest I'm trying to reply to a federated toot and the add comment button changes to "sending" for a while then comes back without posting anything.

Anything more I can do? this problem has happened before but I can't figure out when/why

ernest ,

@bluGill it should be okay now

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I had a similar issue responding to something in /m/random yesterday, and I ended up making a new mircoblog on (and mentioning people) instead. They saw it (and mentioned me) but I didn't get a notification and their replies don't show up even now here on kbin (I see the replies on one of their instances). EDIT: I should say the replies aren't visible on either, not sure if that's part of it

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Dumb question. How to crosspost?

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@Gordon_Freeman There isn't a crosspost button, but if two threads are similar, they'll show as crossposts of each other. I'm not sure exactly what the criteria are, but from what I can gather, two link threads will show as crossposts on Kbin if they have the same link. Otherwise, they need the same title (and maybe the same photo?).

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@ThatOneKirbyMain2568 Thanks, I saw multiple threads with the "crosspost" below and was wondering how to do it since I didn't dound the button. It's cool it's done automatically

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@ernest -- As requested by RTR#32, I got an error upvoting a thread.


Approximately 2023-12-04 20:50 UTC

Thread link on kbin:

URL when error was shown:

Let me know if there's any other details you need.

ContentConsumer9999 , to kbinMeta

@ernest I tried to upvote this post and got an error. P.S. This happened just a few minutes ago.
Edit: I tried it again and it seems fixed.

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Anyone else getting errors when trying to upvote a thread?

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@Damaskox I get them every now and then trying to upvote, downvote, or boost something, but it's extremely random. Usually, I find that going to the activity tab and upvoting from there helps

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Yes I do, just like kbin seems to forget my login often. Looks to me like it needs to reminded you're logged in and therefore can up/downvote without errors.

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Can I see which users have subscribed to a magazine? (The ones I've created at least)

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@Damaskox I don't think that's possible, especially considering users can hide their subscriptions in their profile.

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just learned that Font Awesome exists and now I'm spamming it on everything lol

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Another update to my userstyle idkbin (now at! The "new comment" marker recently added by Ernest is now stylized by idkbin (mainly to work with rounded edges), and a bug with borders has been fixed.

EDIT: Typo.

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What rules does kbin have? Like, for posting content.
I tried to google info but didn't find anything.

I have a magazine that concerns morbid curiosity so I'm wondering, where's the line 🤔 (The magazine is K18 already)

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@Damaskox All I could find for instance rules for is "Harassment, hate speech, or any other form of harmful behavior will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to remove any content or user that violates these guidelines." (from the tos)

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@ghostatnoon Okay
So, basically posting heavy gore in a neutral way wouldn't break rules?

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Is there currently a way to see threads boosted by followed users as a user? If not, is that something you're planning to add eventually?

ernest ,

@Pamasich Currently, there is no such view, but I plan to personalize the feed /sub more with a brief description of why I see a particular post and the ability to filter, for example followings boosts. But that will be after the completion of work, at least partially, on federation.

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Settings->Reports not working... am I the only one or is this a known issue?

ernest , to kbinMeta

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Lettuce who?
Lettuce in, it's cold out here!

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random post section
Might as well show this one as well
Mastodon ehh same on Misskey.

ernest , to kbinMeta

Hi @maegul, I just wanted to let you know. It's not perfect yet, but it's something I'll be working on in the coming months after the first release. Thanks for pointing it out, it's a relatively simple change, but it makes a significant difference in the overall experience.

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@ernest Woah, this makes a heck of a difference. That's powerful!
I love the way that kbin gives you far more options to sort the Microblog feed than, say, Mastodon.

Most popular posts (by people I'm subscribed to) from the last week. Go. Boom!

I love it!

ernest OP ,

@ContentConsumer9999 That is indeed the plan, but I want to do it properly on the new codebase.

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Is there any way to search or filter the abandoned magazines list?

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