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This controversy has been a bit unique in that people are being canceled in both directions. In a way it’s actually a good thing, since it shows that debate and democracy are at least alive. You could say we shouldn’t cancel people at all, but then I don’t really want the guy with a swastika face tattoo being in charge of anything important. Maybe there needs to be some kind of canceling rules, haha?

FYI, the blog post starts with accusations of “equating Zionism with the genocide of Palestinians” and “using the ‘from the river to the sea’ chant”, which are not universally agreed to be antisemitic at all, even if you don’t agree with them.

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Fuck off. Condemning Israel's genocide doesn't mean you support Hamas.

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While Arabs have gotten you cunts to scream "genocide" for the last 70 yeasrs, the "Palestinain" headcount has increased a hundred fold. That word doesn't mean how you're using it, and is inappropriate to use in this context at all, in any way, whatsoever.

You don't help Arabs when you do this, You certainly don't help Jews, You only assist the Muslim Terrorists, so, party on if it's what makes you feel good.

There will be no ceasefire this time.

Am YIsrael Chai motherfucker

jcrm ,

Motherfucker I am Jewish. Don't lecture me on this shit. Maybe we've been saying it's a genocide for 70 years because it actually has been. Israel has broken every agreement and treaty they've signed, murdering Palestinians and stealing their homes all with the backing of the most powerful nations in the world. If you wanna talk about supporting terrorists, maybe look into who funded Hamas for decades. Suprise, it's Israel.

If genocide isn't the right term, you should maybe tell that to the leading genocide researchers and historians telling us that's exactly what is happening. Or maybe just read what Israel itself is putting out there.

Israel doesn't represent Jews. They are Zionists and fascists. Never again means never again for anyone, anywhere.

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Here is the post by Dr. Freedhoff criticizing Dr. Ge. It seems to me that Ge’s quoted statements, while obviously objectionable to many, aren’t particularly extreme compared to a lot of what gets said online. This and the fact that Freedhoff posted over two weeks ago makes me think that Freedhoff’s post may not be the main cause of Ge’s suspension.

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the fact that Freedhoff posted over two weeks ago makes me think that Freedhoff’s post may not be the main cause of Ge’s suspension.

I feel like suspension decisions take time. I also don’t think the blog post was the sole reason for the suspension.

People are asking questions about what happened behind the scenes, using the post & Freedhoffs social media as insight for who was involved and what reasoning was used

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Amazing the supposed “anti-semetic” posts are all from before Oct 7. This Dr. Freedhoff went on a fishing expedition through Dr. Ge’s post history to find reasons to get him kicked out. Makes me wonder if Dr. Freedhoff had a beef with Dr. Ge and decided to use the political moment to his advantage, or if he’s going through the post history of everyone at the university trying to find anyone who ever disrespected Israel.

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No they’re not. I haven’t gone through and found dates for each of them, but there are several that reference events after Oct. 7.

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Someone should add this to Dr. Yoni Freedhoff’s Wiki page since it’s clear they created it themself—classic academic…

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I didn’t notice that, a lot of professors do have Wikipedia pages but this one reads like a resume/cover letter. Also the sources don’t really match what’s written; they’re related but not to some statements being made

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Well, that’s embarrassing. Especially as we have trouble finding doctors for everyone.

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It’s family medicine too

Dr. Ge grew up in Waterloo, Ontario, and is a family medicine physician and a resident physician in his fourth year of residency training

Yoni Freedhoff is an associate professor of family medicine at the University of Ottawa

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what bullshit. It is amazing to me that you can get suspended for saying that a nationality of people shouldn’t be treated as subhuman.

But the suspended Dr does have questionable taste in posters given that he retweeted Shaun “the grifter” king

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I feel like Shaun king posts get retweeted and shared because they’re easier to find / more detailed, especially early on. The reason why I heard about this was because someone I follow (who also doesn’t follow Shaun king) shared a shaun king post on their story.

So I try to separate people that re-share his stuff, from the guy himself

I’ll be honest though, I don’t know much of the controversy around Shaun King. I have heard people referencing issues like this but I didn’t follow up properly

YtA4QCam2A9j7EfTgHrH ,

The dude just loves to grift. Starts projects, raises big money, then the project ends in disaster.

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