Human smuggling from Canada to U.S. a 'lucrative market' attracting organized crime: RCMP (

A lucrative and growing cross-border human smuggling market is attracting domestic and criminal organizations looking to cash in on moving “vulnerable” people from Canada into the U.S., according to the senior RCMP officer who oversees border policing.

It's not just COVID anymore, or a triple-demic. Welcome to the 'new norm' of seasonal illnesses (

As health-care teams remain dangerously overstretched, they’re also grappling with the pressure of what some physicians are calling a “new norm” for seasonal illnesses — a range of viral and bacterial infections all back in circulation, with COVID-19 still chief among them.

The Indigo 11 and Toronto Police’s dubious hate crime narrative (

Contrary to some of the coverage, the Indigo 11 have not been charged with anything hate-related. The Criminal Code does contain certain hate-specific provisions, including prohibitions on the communication of “hate propaganda.” The Code also specifically prohibits hate-motivated mischief, but the provision only applies to...

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