Human smuggling from Canada to U.S. a 'lucrative market' attracting organized crime: RCMP (

A lucrative and growing cross-border human smuggling market is attracting domestic and criminal organizations looking to cash in on moving “vulnerable” people from Canada into the U.S., according to the senior RCMP officer who oversees border policing.

To those genuinely interested in moderating (

@Ernest has pushed an update which allows users to request ownership/moderation of abandoned magazines. Ghost/abandoned magazines were fairly prevalent after the initial wave of hype due to users either squatting magazine names or becoming inactive for other reasons. Now is your chance to get involved, if you were waiting to do...

Where can I find documentation on how federation works? (

I can't find anything on the specifics of how federation actually works. The op thread gets copied to any federated server? What happens if the thread is deleted on the op server? Does it still exist on all other federated servers? How do comments and votes work? That kind of thing.

It's not just COVID anymore, or a triple-demic. Welcome to the 'new norm' of seasonal illnesses (

As health-care teams remain dangerously overstretched, they’re also grappling with the pressure of what some physicians are calling a “new norm” for seasonal illnesses — a range of viral and bacterial infections all back in circulation, with COVID-19 still chief among them.

Advocates sound the alarm on increased deportations in Canada, urge feds to fulfill regularization promise (

Advocates are sounding the alarm on the rise in deportations in Canada and are calling on the federal government to follow through on its 2021 promise to expand a regularization program for undocumented people living in the country.

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